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Sandel SN3308 HSI

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We sell a Sandel SN3308 HSI system complete kit which include:
Sandel SN3308 P/N: SN3308-00-BL S/N: 2476 with connector, update jack and EHSI DIM switch
Software version : 2.10

This parts is tested by our laboratory and provided with
EASA Form 1 Authorized Release Certificate (with FAA requirements)..
This system has been removed for Aspen EFD-1000 installation.

Main features:

The Sandel SN-3308 Electronic HSI (EHSI) is a truly amazing item. The SN-3308 combines an HSI (with Glideslope), RMI, Moving Map, and WX-500 Stormscope in a display right in front of you. Plus, it shows you Marker Beacon status and GPS annunciation. This EHSI is designed to pull information from most of your other avionics, and to present it to you in one clear and easy-to-interpret display.

The ability to combine and display all this information is not new, but prior to the Sandel display, this required electronics that were simply too expensive to consider for the General Aviation cockpit. The SN-3308 brings this capability at a price, size, and weight that really makes sense.

The SN-3308 works much like a rear-projection television. There is a light inside that projects all the information onto the display. As you can see from the photos, Sandel has used every square inch of the unit's face for use as the "screen". The result is an image that is large and sharp. The projector light must be replaced annually or every 200 hours, but it is inexpensive and easy to change.

If you have a King KCS-55A Compass system, this EHSI can be used to replace your KI-525A. (It takes an adapter kit, but it can be done.) Please note that, like the KI-525A, the SN-3308 requires an external heading source (Gyro) and Flux Detector in order to offer HSI (heading) functionality.

The Sandel SN-3308 combines and displays information from the following sources:

    * Gyro and Flux Detector (for heading)
    * VOR
    * GPS
    * Loran C
    * ADF
    * RMI
    * DME
    * Marker Beacon
    * Stormscope (WX-500 only)

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Sandel SN3308 HSI  Sandel SN3308 HSI  Sandel SN3308 HSI
Sandel SN3308 HSI  Sandel SN3308 HSI  Sandel SN3308 HSI

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